About me

In the period between 1991 and 2009 I had to go for inpatient treatment three times. The total duration of this treatment came to ten months. The combined total cost of outpatient and inpatient treatments:

Treatments amounting to approx. € 120,000.00.

I was paid out 18 weeks of sick leave pay

… paid by my employer and health care insurance!

Reintegration into the workplace after treatment spanning several months is not always easy and at this point I would sincerely like to thank my employer and colleagues for their wholehearted support on my re-entry into the workplace on each occasion. Feedback from other patients has made me realise that this is sadly not always the norm.

Not at any point in time did my employer or health care insurance challenge my medical condition and the need for treatment. What has however been particularly stressful is the fact that the person who was at the root of the illness and his daughter have dared to challenge the medical condition and its cause. They have even been spreading fabricated allegations in this regard in my home town of Schorndorf. In the course of more than ten months of inpatient treatment I was not visited once. I was not even worth the price of a stamp for a get well card. Not a single expression of empathy had been forthcoming!

Since 19 August 2008 I have been given a 50% disability rating i.e. severely disabled.

The profound and deep-seated childhood trauma can no longer be healed. The disease pattern has meanwhile reached chronic proportions and I am considered beyond treatment.


It can be concluded that as one gets older the disease pattern will deteriorate further which is why the following consequences can be expected:

  • Social isolation

  • Occupational disability (exacerbated by the Hartz 4 social benefit reform cutbacks that came into effect in Germany in 2005)

  • Becoming a psychiatric health care case

  • ??????

Sadly in the interim several of my fellow patients have committed suicide. This would always occur where problems with immediate family prevailed. When it comes to chronic illness you are reliant on the support of immediate family, especially where depression is concerned. If this support is withheld for no reason it can lead to great misery and can become very stressful. In the event of close family stabbing you in the back with powerful allegations and a complete lack of understanding for the illness, then you won’t stand a chance in the long run. With the perpetrator under the direction of his daughter having tried to bring proceedings against me because of this website, this speaks volumes about the malicious character of this “close” family member: knowing full well that social phobia is one of the symptoms of my medical condition, my frail health would be certain to have me cave in under the strain of legal proceedings. This would have huge benefits for his daughter, which the observant reader will no doubt recognise immediately. At the same time the issue of having to deal with a health care case whose financial resources would eventually become exhausted, would be taken care of. The smile has meanwhile been wiped off the faces of the relatives. However, be that as it may, they continue to leave me out in the cold and remain silent witnesses to the malicious goings-on.